Striving For Commercial Insurance Excellence

Posted by Admin | October 12th, 2012

James McAluney is always working with in his clients’ best interest in mind in order to create commercial insurance excellence. In a time when insurance often has a bad name, Mr. McAluney has what it takes to turn that perception around. His dedication to his clients, his caring nature and generosity are inspiring.

The Business Man

As a business man, Jim McAluney is a top insurance agent in Hawaii. He takes the time to look at clients insurance policies to ensure they have the best plan for them. If he finds stipulations on a policy that should be eliminated, changed, or something should be added to protect his clients, he will go directly to the insurance company and negotiate. He utilizes his skills and knowledge to his clients’ benefit.

The Family Man

On the personal side, Mr. McAluney is just as determined to do good. He volunteers for several organizations, including Big Brothers / Big Sisters, Malama Maunalua, the Assets School, and the Holy Nativity School. He coaches a youth basketball team, is a youth baseball tournament volunteer, and he referees AYSO Soccer. When he isn’t volunteering, he enjoys traveling abroad to Ireland and the Mediterranean. Ireland is special to him as his family heritage originates there.

The World Traveler

James McAluney has been to many parts of the world. He has lived in New England, Pennsylvania, and California before moving to Hawaii. This has given him an outstanding understanding of people, which he uses to work with his clients and with the insurance providers. Clients always feel important and cared about when serviced by Mr. McAluney.

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